Highlighting collaborations and a balanced content strategy helps HP achieve recognition for its Living Progress strategy. Participating and hosting events helped HP achieve more Twitter mentions than almost any other during the last six months of 2014.

Living Progress gets mentioned

Like Nestlé, HP’s second-place ranking in SB{influencers}100 is in large part due to a dedicated Twitter channel for their sustainability platform Living Progress. With multiple tweets each day Monday-Friday they are one of the most active in sharing content on sustainability on a regular basis and as a result achieve among the highest Twitter mentions of brands analysed.

Sparking interaction from ideation

Social communities most engaged with HP during the Living Progress Exchange discussion linked to the Sustainable Brands London conference. HP was highly active on social media during the conference itself and took advantage of this time when sustainability professionals were active and chattering online to interact and actively drive participants to their stakeholder engagement and collaboration forum.

Collaborate for impact

Like Nestlé, HP extends their reach through content that highlights partner organisations. Followers in particular responded to content that showcased a fundraising collaboration with Conservation International and an announcement of a partnership with WWF and other companies to address the demand for renewable energy. Again we see that content including reputable other organisations such as global NGOs drives greater interest and therefore interaction.

Balancing actions with relevant insights

In a textbook example of social media content planning, HP’s Living Progress Twitter channel is characterised by a good balance of updates on their own progress and initiatives, and insights on the issues relevant to their strategy. The channel shares articles and the latest thinking and innovations around big data, developments in eHealth, as well as sustainable solutions driven by technology. All these topics are closely related to HP’s core business offerings, and as such ensure that its followers receive a story that is both relevant and connected.

Could HP benefit from diversifying across channels?

The dedicated Twitter channel is HP’s primary means of communicating Living Progress on social media, with relatively little sustainability content shared through the corporate Twitter handle. HP’s LinkedIn also reflects this approach whilst the YouTube channel hosts a few videos announcing the Living Progress update report or goals and targets. With no Living Progress content on Facebook during the time period in which we reviewed, with a tailored content strategy and audience profiling, HP could expand the reach and therefore engagement and impact of the Living Progress platform through taking it to more social media networks.